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Project Description
This is the project by Adam Loh Wei Chia, Created in 17/7/2010 before i going to holidays. Created in less than 30 minutes, was thinking to expand it to become a Currency Trader Bots. Currently it is a Currency Trader Monitor. It gives you a brief view of the Currency movement in the market in a much more simple and beautiful way.If you want to collaborate with me, Let me know your ideas. You can download the codes, and started to expand it. Thanks you.

Download the Application and started to install, Make sure you have Marketiva at first.

Step 1 : Open and login Marketiva
Step 2 : Click Settings in Marketiva Interface
Step 3 : go to Advanced Features
Step 4 : Enabled Web Service API
Step 5 : Click Ok and fired up the Software.

Enjoy !!!

Contact me at

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